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The Blog of Fleeced May 11, 2014

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Well, the Libs have been back in power for a few months, and are about to deliver their first Federal budget on Tuesday, 13th May. So… what better time to re-launch my blog? Alas, given what we already know of the budget – namely, higher taxes – it seems we are all going to be fleeced (see what I did there?)

There has been much discussion of this at the Catallaxy Blog, with a daily broken promise thread. It’s sad to see so many people defending the Liberal Party’s actions, though I guess I can appreciate their fear of returning to the ALP. Nonetheless, the Liberal Party has brought this on themselves, and Sinc is right to keep applying the pressure.

Meanwhile the LDP is preparing an “alternative budget,” which somehow, they are getting published in the Australian Financial Review tomorrow (Monday, 12th May). I suspect I will enjoy their alternate budget much more than the efforts of Joe Hockey.

Congratulations to the LDP, not just on this coverage of course, but on getting David Leyonhjelm elected to the NSW senate! He doesn’t take his seat until July, but will no doubt be voting on some of the elements in Tuesday’s budget. As Australia’s only libertarian party, it’s great to see LDP having such success, and this is another reason I wanted to start blogging again – I’m sure we are in for some exciting times.

This will be my third or fourth go at running a blog – my first was before blogs were actually invented (it was basically an open diary). The Blog of Fleeced kind of died after the 2007 election, and despite the odd post since, never really recovered… to be honest, I was worn out with politics, and stuck to posting occasional comments at Catallaxy Files instead.



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